[Bug?] Update: Found (See Update) | Missing Forum Button on Mobile/Phone PWA

Update: Managed to find it under the settings gear (:gear:):

It’s a little more clicking, but it’s there at least.

Edit 2: I checked today and y’all don’t have the forum button on Android mobile anymore.

Was this intentional?

Are y’all removing it from mobile going forward for some reason?

P.S. The new updates are looking great! Thanks!

Hi LR Devs,

I noticed that the PWA is looking great today with the updates!

Just a small note that the Forum button seems to be missing on the mobile/phone PWA (pseudo-app):

If this is unintentional, I wanted to let y’all know if it was intentional I still think adding the button makes more sense (and still looks great with the button at the bottom with the rest of the buttons):

Note: I don’t think this was intentional because the mobile-friendly tablet version still has it.

Can ya’ll add it in?

P. S If it makes a difference, I’m on an Android phone.