Could you implement a way to remove all text between brackets please?

An example would be:

(オペレーター鬼(おに))地上部隊 何者(なにもの)かと交戦中(こうせんちゅう)


The first is almost impossible to read at the normal speed of a show (To me).


Yes, please. This would greatly improve the experience.
In many languages, Netflix uses square brackets to show tags for the deaf. For example, [breathing], [barking].
Hiding these tags would make subtitles easier to read for a hearing audience.
Thank you!


I would really appreciate this feature too!

When watching something in the original language, subtitles with CC is usually the only option. But all the text between [brackets] gets tiring after a while.

For some shows, it makes the ‘pause after every subtitle’ feature very hard to use, because there is a CC subtitle every time a character so much as breathes.