[DUPLICATE] LR's not working AGAIN

How often is this going to happen
and my subscription is still counting down !!

If you’re referring to LR’s problems with Netflix, it seems like it was a sudden change in Netflix’s API that broke it. I don’t really blame LR for that. There’s nothing they can do about that. And they’ve already responded that they’re working on…

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Thank you @wlees for you reply. You summerized the situation really well. We are working on this API change from NF.

Sorry again !

It’s ok ! But is it me to blame for this and for the breakdown last time ? or else shouldn’t my subscription period get extended for the two days since I subscribed for the functions that you displayed ?
thanks !

We are working on solving it. Thank you for your patience.
@DDT , this post is a duplication of another one created some hours before. I will lock it.

Here the main thread : Bug netflix