Feature TODO List and roadmap

Here’s a list of features you suggested that we are planning to implement, we’ll check them off as we go…


Staged to go live

Top Priority

  • Pick subtitle track in settings.
  • Issue on small num of YT videos (translation merging len mismatch)
  • Old FE code still running somewhere (?).
  • BUG: word frequency not working right for Korean.
  • Cache YT NLP on FE.
  • Subtitle Formatting Options
  • Dimming/hiding the subs
  • Anki user guide.
  • Flashcard app.
  • Show pauses in speach visually in Youtube autocaptions.
  • Adding simple stats for saved words, words known in movie, perhaps save temporal info about saving to make nice graphs.
  • Save screenshot with saved items.
  • Pinyin to Anki / CSV Saved items output.
  • Rare/particular/infrequent words for each movie/eipisode summary.
  • Nicer TTS voices.
  • Firefox support.
  • MS Edge support for 4k Netflix.
  • Selection mode (Selecting subtitles)
  • Enable saving subs for Youtube.

Coming Soon


  • Would love to click and drag to highlight phrases to save.
  • Allow a different language for dictionary vs. secondary subtitles (email from Joni)
  • ‘Named Entity Recognition’ for excluding certain words from word saving system (people’s names and place names etc.) Or another means (ignore list).
  • “There should be an ability/color to save complete phrases or “chunks”.” (snowman)
  • Editable translations.
  • Collaborative dictionary (Small QoL recommendations)
  • “I’ll suggest adding a similar overall ‘watch time’ tracking to the extension. Tracking all the videos you ever watched, of course, would also be an awesome feature.”
  • “Font size preference is currently a global setting, which means that I keep needing to switch it back and forth. It would be convenient to save a different font size preference, per different script, or per language, and to adjust the default values as well for each new script for optimal viewing.”
  • Repeatable A to B selection of several lines.

Known bugs/issues


[still compiling list…]


This thing would be great! Or video clips are even better!


This is the only thing holding me back from recommending this awesome extension to all of my friends, I can’t wait!


Really hoping this comes soon!

Changing default shortcuts would be great

Hi there.

I am wondering about Microsoft Edge browser support. Fact is Netflix provides 1080p resolution only to Edge bowser.
Are you considering this matter for your futher plans?

I would love to being able to import subtitles when using the extension.
E.g. when watching Japanese shows, they most of the time don’t offer english subtitles (even though the show has english subtitles in other countries’ Netflix)
In this case it would be great to import your own subtitles (or even better get the “human subtitles” from other countries netflix directly)
Because when learning the language the machine translation is better than nothing, but still far from being useful, especially with Japanese.

Can you add an option to control the font sizes of each language individually?
I’m trying to learn Chinese, and I’d like to reduce the size of the English subtitles so they don’t become too distracting (but I still want them there).

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An option to automatically pause before the subtitle is read instead of after would be amazing.

I would love transliteration to be available for all your non-latin script languages. I would like to practice my Hindi/Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Greek and maybe slowly learn to read all other Indic scripts all of that as well. Are you ever going to have support for Amazon Prime Video or for my DVDs and have more languages that are not available yet, like Uzbek, Armenian or Georgian?

My problem is this: I promised myself to always learn languages when I watch my tv shows, but most of my favorites are not available on Netflix, some languages I would like to practice are not available at all or at least have no transliteration yet. Some tv shows are so old I only have them on dvd and with only English (so according to my rules I cannot watch them without other subtitles) or are only available on Amazon (Germany) and again only German or English subtitles, if any are available.

Ideally I would be able to watch anything with any language subtitle I want, no matter if it is only available in Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, another streaming website or on my dvds.

I am hopelessly incapable of adjusting free subtitles on the net to sync with my dvds or with that substial app for Amazon Prime.