Language Reactor doesn't work in Youtube

The logo of Language Reactor does not appear on the screen but it still work in Netflix.


Yes, i am the same just happened today

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also same issue yesterday

Same here. I’ve been using it all week (I can’t remember if I used it yesterday), but now its not working on Youtube. I changed nothing.


Yes, I also used it yesterday, but now it’s not working on Youtube.

I am also experiencing this. It was perfectly fine yesterday on youtube.

Hey guys,

The bug has been fixed.
If you still don’t see it, please remove the extension and re-add it to your chrome - link


i hope it will be fine. Last night and this morning I almost crazy, I remove that and add that again and again, I think my laptop is broken.

everything is good. thanks for solving :star_struck: I realized how impatient we are. If we wait one day, it will be solved actually.


It’s ok :slight_smile: Your messages help us to intercept bugs quickly so we can solve it ASAP

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