Netflix Italian Audio and Italian subtitles do not match

I am learning Italian. When I watch Netflix with Italian Audio and Italian subtitles they do not match. Example could be that a person says “Excuse me”, the Italian audio will be “Mi scusi” and the subtitles “Perdonami”. One can argue that the semantic is close but this is disturbing and why the audio and subtitles are like two different translations?

Yeah this happens a lot on Netflix, don’t know if it’s exclusively them. It’s not LLN’s fault though, they don’t provide the subtitles. Check whether you can put the CC subtitles rather than the regular subtitles. Otherwise, I think you’re out of luck. It’s just Netflix not cleaning up their own subtitles.

Recommend to watch movies in their original languages (search in the catalogue by language: Even still, some movies don’t have 100% matching subs. :-/