Pinyin subtitles vanished

When I started with LLR I could choose in LLR settings (in Netflix) for Chinese Chinese Characters, Pinyin, and English subtitles. Now the Pinyin does no longer appear in the subtitle, nor in the transliteration menu. Moreover Movies I watched a few weeks ago with Chinese (Mandarin) audio, no longer show that option! The dictionary no longer offers the Chinese pronunciation but only the English one!!
I can’t quite believe that such changes had been made.
Has anybody experienced the same? AND, does someone know, if these are bugs or new policies, or settings that have to be changed?
Thank you!

Mine is working just fine (Windows 10, Chrome). I just added the pinyin to check for you and that is also working fine. Maybe uninstall and reinstall the extension and reboot?

Really? I tried under Windows 10 and Linux Mint on different notebooks! I will check it out! Thank you!:hugs::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet: