Amazon Prime

Please introduce/integate Amazon Prime Video as well in LN.


Months ago (August) they said that it was coming soon:

But I think they will not add it in the short term, this is from a couple of days ago:

I want Amazon Prime too but…

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Yeah , let’s hope they introduce it as well .

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Hey, yes, we kinda changed our priority. Before, we wanted to support more platform (disney, amazon, apple, etc), but now, we prefer to focus on fewer platform but add more features (better dictionary, book reader, flashcard application for review, smartphone app). We think this is more important as it will make the learning experience deeper !
These platform will come one day, but not in the following months.

Have fun learning ! :slight_smile:


I’m sad, i’m not going to lie you :sleepy:

We are too ! We need to prioritize :S


Thx guys! Waiting those features. :wink:

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People are on Amazon Prime a lot! Please consider reprioritizing. Thanks for your consideration.


I agree with you.

Worst thing is that we don’t see that new features either. :frowning:

I mean… The extension is very nice, but It’s a subscription app and we don’t see improvements on it.

Just wondering what your current plans are to support Amazon Prime Video?

I’m at a point where I’ve basically run out of things on Netflix that excite me while being didactically useful. At the same time, there’s a ton of content on Prime Video that I’d love to watch with Language Reactor but currently can’t.


With this you’d basically have access to every show ever

I hope it may be available soon because the specialized streaming platforms have more human flavour regarding subtitles translation

I’ll be a contrarian here and heartily agree that you should focus on going deeper on the few platforms rather than going really wide. I think your decision is a good direction.

There is one similar addon that cover prime video, youtube,netflix and Disney. It’s really cool to learn new language in Prime videos.