bug while trying to save words

Hello everyone , after the last update whenever i try to save a word by right click on the mouse the screen freezes for more than 10 seconds

Hello. Was it on YouTube, Netflix or the website? What language are you learning?

a turkish movie on netflix , here’s the link : https://www.netflix.com/watch/81251947?trackId=14170286&tctx=1%2C2%2C37812413-59ac-44b0-a107-8b561bfca898-147595480%2CGPS_16C27BBCDA8BFCA66C5AE41A2F8D11-994911DC4F528C-2568A1381B_p_1666702217666%2CGPS_16C27BBCDA8BFCA66C5AE41A2F8D11_p_1666702209755%2C%2C%2C%2C81251947