[DUPLICATE] Not working on YouTube!

The logo of Language Reactor doesn’t appear and when I turn on CC, I can’t even see the CC.
I can only use Language Reactor when I use Nexflix. Most of all, I can not remove the sidebar (?) There must be some problems. The image is attached below.

처리 중: 스크린샷 2022-07-13 오후 8.07.13.png…

I removed the extension and re-added Language Reactor. But it didn’t work.
Plz, let me know how to fix this problem.

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I have exactly the same problem and it’s most likely caused by sudden LR incompatibility with the Google Chrome which was working properly 24 hours ago from the moment of this post.
I’ve chatted with YouTube Premium Customer Service, and they suggested to contact LR developers (good luck with that) and YouTube developers which is possible only through the “feedback” feature (message in the bottle).

Here is a copy of the conversation with YouTube CS:

Chat transcript for case: 7-2506000032607
Jul 13, 4:20 AM (Pacific Time)

4:26:10 AM Alex Ivery: Yes, I’m having trouble with captions not appearing on the bottom of the screen as it used to be, my language reactor extension not appearing and not working at all.
4:26:31 AM Chad C.: Thanks for confirming. Have you tried restarting the app or your device?
4:26:42 AM Alex Ivery: Also, when trying to watch in full screen mode I am missing 3rd of the screen.
4:27:18 AM Alex Ivery: I’ve tried everything possible for the second day, since it started to happen.
4:27:42 AM Chad C.: I see. Thank you for letting me know. Let me check on this further for you. Hold on please.
4:29:11 AM Alex Ivery: It’s most likely Som kind of YouTube account bug, because it functions normally when I’m signed out of my account and use free youtube version.
4:29:46 AM Alex Ivery: I’ve reinstalled Chrome and it didn’t help.
4:30:11 AM Chad C.: Oh, is this only happening on the browser?
4:30:20 AM Alex Ivery: Yes.
4:30:33 AM Alex Ivery: It’s working the same on my phone.
4:30:47 AM Chad C.: You mean the same problem is happening on your phone?
4:30:47 AM Alex Ivery: Or phone version has no problems.
4:30:57 AM Chad C.: Thanks for confirming.
4:31:09 AM Chad C.: Do you have other browsers where you can test if the same issue is happening?
4:31:13 AM Alex Ivery: only on a Chrome browser in my PC.
4:32:31 AM Alex Ivery: I believe the Language Reactor extension works only with Google Chrome and I use it to learn foreign languages. But I’ll try the MS Edge.
4:32:49 AM Chad C.: Sure thing. Happy to wait.
4:38:56 AM Alex Ivery: I just logged into my youtube account in the MS Edge, and it works properly - subtitles appear on the bottom of the screen and a full screen mode is normal. But I can’t use the Language Reactor extension on the MS Edge.
4:40:27 AM Chad C.: Thanks for confirming. It’s possible that the extension is not currently working properly on the website. We suggest sending a feedback to the developers, both in YouTube and for the Language reactor.
4:40:46 AM Chad C.: This would let them know what’s happening and conduct an investigation on the matter.
4:41:12 AM Alex Ivery: How do I reach youtube developers?
4:42:46 AM Chad C.: Reaching them is only possible via the feedback section.
4:43:57 AM Alex Ivery: Which settings would you recommend making sure are properly set?
4:44:22 AM Alex Ivery: Not that I didn’t try all I’ve could but maybe I’m missing something.
4:44:36 AM Alex Ivery: something
4:44:37 AM Chad C.: There’s really no specific setting since this is about an extension.
4:45:22 AM Alex Ivery: Okay. Then I’ll try to reach out to developers. Thanks. I guess there is nothing else you could help me with.
4:45:49 AM Chad C.: It’s my pleasure. Stay safe.


Thank you for your report. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we are already doing our best to fix this problem.

Please see the original post for this bug : Youtube subtitle is no longer working

To be sure that it is the same problem, can you disconnect from your youtbube account, and use the same video again with Language Reactor. It should normally work again.

Please let me know on this,

Have a good day !