Feature Request: how many time a word has been said.

I think there should be a number above the words in the Word Level that shows you how many times a word has been said in this video or film, definitely, it will help the learner to decide which word has been said the most and that they should memorize

I also have made a basic design for this

idea number 1: let’s say there are 20 words in Level 1, so they should sort the words for Level 1 by how many times the word has been said in the video, and also label those numbers by colors, the most mentioned word would be green and the less mentioned word would be red or orange, you get the idea

idea number 2: let’s say the developer can’t implement such a complex idea that has been said in idea number 1, you can just show the numbers randomly and that’s it


Interesting suggestion. I like the first idea.

A great opportunity to keep statistics and learn new words. For example, when using watching a video translated into a foreign language (service such as Vidby https://vidby.com/ allow you to translate and dub in a very short time), such an analysis will help you better learn new words and perceive the language deeper by ear.