How can I pay for LR pro in Chinese mainland?

I’m a college student in Beijing, I really like the design of Language Reactor and it’s helpful for me.

however for some reason that might easy to be known, I can’t pay for it via neither Paypal or bankcard. because my bank refused to deal, and Paypal without doubt refused toooo:(

how could I tackle it? I’ll appreciate if any of you can help me!



您好 我想请问一下 您现在能用账号登录网站吗。
如果有需要 我可以帮你完成支付 有需要请联系我谢谢

sure, how can i contact you?

oops, I’d better to provide my personal email:

您好 邮件已由yahoo邮箱发送,请联系我谢谢