How do you know the frequency number of a word?

Hello everyone!

I have a question and would be glad if anyone could help me.

I’ve been learning German and French for a while now, and figured out that it could be very helpful for me to simply learn words according to their frequency.

With that being said, could anyone tell me where can I find the frequency lists that Language Reactor uses for German and French so that I can see all the words organized by frequency?

I know that there is a list here: Language Reactor

However, the list only goes up to 15000 words and I frequently find words that are above this number, for example, kurzerhand (17260th most frequent word, according to Language Reactor). How does Language Reactor know this? Is there a way for me to access the other words? I think it would be easy for me to go through them this way instead of hoping that I will find a new word in every video.

Thank you so much for your attention and wish you a great day!