How to copy paste and open youtube link?

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How to copy paste youtube link?

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Can you tell me a little more about it ? What do you wanna do ?


I want to copy a link from youtube and paste to app, then study on it , but there is no web browser like area to paste the link and open

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Hey, I dont need to do it, when on YouTube you supposed to see a Language Reactor toggle and you can turn it on.
Make sure the toggle is on like in the screenshot below

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I understand that , i forget to mentioned that on android tablet , with app i cannot do that , i want to use app on android
The problem is on android , thanks

SImply copy the link from the link bar of your browser

You do not understand me ,even if youtube share your app is not seen, probably i downloaded out side of google play

On youtube section , no adress paste page, it only reccomends some videos

All above problem is on the android platform, may be you find a solition to this or simply add the program on googleplay and i will download from there and try

This extension works on Chrome. On android you wont be able to see it - especially if you use YouTube app from your device.

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