Language Reactor doesn't work in Youtube

The logo of Language Reactor does not appear on the screen but it still work in Netflix.


Yes, i am the same just happened today

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also same issue yesterday

Same here. I’ve been using it all week (I can’t remember if I used it yesterday), but now its not working on Youtube. I changed nothing.

Yes, I also used it yesterday, but now it’s not working on Youtube.

I am also experiencing this. It was perfectly fine yesterday on youtube.

Hey guys,

The bug has been fixed.
If you still don’t see it, please remove the extension and re-add it to your chrome - link


i hope it will be fine. Last night and this morning I almost crazy, I remove that and add that again and again, I think my laptop is broken.

everything is good. thanks for solving :star_struck: I realized how impatient we are. If we wait one day, it will be solved actually.


It’s ok :slight_smile: Your messages help us to intercept bugs quickly so we can solve it ASAP

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Not sure why the logo isn’t appearing right now. It’s always worked for me, and I just noticed that it disappeared. I did install a furigana add-on, not sure if that messed with it but I have since uninstalled it. What could the problem be?

Hi @Haru_SkageZ,

Yeah, sometimes other extensions can interfere with the LR extension.

  1. You could try toggling the LR extension off and then back on again and refreshing the video page, and try again. (If it works, you may have to do this on/off + refresh every time it disappears.)


  1. Turn off all your extensions and then turn on one by one with LR on to see if it’s a different extension (if #1 doesn’t work). Note: I would toggle LR on and off before turning other extensions on one by one to “refresh it.”

I will say this happened to me for a day or so (without installing a new extension), and I did step one each time the logo disappeared until the logo just stopped disappearing one day.

(I think this was the next day, but it could have just been within the week, as it only disappeared for YouTube and not Netflix, so I focused on learning through Netflix.)

I hope this helps!

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That worked for me, thank you so much!

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