Next/Previous incorrect behavior

I’m currently using this extension for studying Chinese and love it.
However, I have some problems with navigating subtitles. I believe Next/Previous buttons doesn’t work as intended.
For example, clicking right arrow sends me a little back in time instead going to the next phrase. Play phrase icons in the right sidebar with full subtitle script also act strange. Pressing one of them sends me to the phrase just before the needed one.
What could be the reason?

Hello. This is a known issue at the moment. It appears on Microsoft Edge browser. And, on older Windows systems, e.g. Windows 7. In case you can switch to Chrome on Windows 10, that should solve the problem, until it is fixed in LLN.

I was using Opera before so I guess, other Chromium-based browsers could also be affected. Switched to Chrome and can confirm it’s working on it. Will be waiting for a fix in the future. Thanks!