Can someone explain to me how i can learn added words in a normal time manner when i get to practise like 3-4 things over months? it doesnt work like anki, so how does it work ? if i save 600 words it will take me 2 years to overview it ? and how the example sentences are made up ? can i be sure they are correct and im not getting some bad habit or mistakes ? what provdes sentences? in addition to that no way to even export words/sentences to anki cause its all messed up when added to anki, probably someone who knows their stuff can manage it but someone without hand for it cant.

hopefully someone will respond to that, 2-3 topics 0 answers this whole thing looks like dead end. Regards.

Hello Karonis, to check if some phrase is correct, one thing that I do is run it through Google Translate. On a PC this is easy. I just have a browser tab open. One tab for languagereactor, one tab for Google Translate. … This is for Phrase Pump.

95+ % of the time, i don’t have to check and compare. Just once in a while.