Swipe gesture customization

So, I have being using the video file feature on Android where you can add both a video file and an SRT file to view the video the same way you can with your laptop. To top it off, it has a swipe gesture where you can jump to the next line, or go back, or to replay the same line. There is also a swipe up gesture, where you can save/unsave the phrase quickly.
My problem is that when I chose to hide the subtitle and/or the translation, the only way to reveal those two is by tapping on them directly which either doesn’t work, or it will tap one of the words and show it in the mini dictionary.
My suggestion is to make the swipe gestures customizable so that I can, for example, change the swipe up gesture into the reveal subtitle/translation. Since I don’t save pheases anyway. Or you can add an additional gesture where you tap and hold the screen and show the subtitle/translation.