Auto repeat playback without pressing S key

In addition to the auto-stop feature at the end of each subtitle, I would like to see auto-repeat added.

An auto-stop at the end of each sentence would be a very useful feature.
Likewise, repeating a subtitle by pressing the “s” button on the keyboard is also very convenient.
However, it is unfortunate that we have to press the button every time.

So, as a request, could you please set the “AP” slide switch to 3 levels and add auto-repeat?

I still don’t understand the pronunciation, so I would like it to auto-play the same sentence over and over until I understand it without having to press the S key.

I am a subscriber now, and if you add that feature, I will be more inclined to continue my subscription.

Please consider this feature.

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Oh my god THIS. Have you heard back at all?

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i also want this function, it will help a lot to internalize the words and repeat them without distractions of pressing next. it is very used in social networks the repetitions.

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