I often replay one sentence over and over again.
It helps my pronunciation and listening.

It would be great to add a feature that will automatically repeat.
Now, in some cases, it’s hard for me to hit the end of a sentence to hear the whole sentence.
Thus, I struggle with the situation where I have to use “S” once and “A” if I’m slow.

Currently the manual repeat function is on the “S” key.
I suggest adding auto-repeat on the “W” key.

If I am on a headline and I press the “W” key, that headline will repeat over and over until I press any of the keys. Typically I would press “W” again, but that might not make sense in some combinations.

By over and over, I mean after the caption has ended.
Because as a user, I don’t want to wait in places without speaking again.
Typically ending a conversation and a new scene where it may take longer than the next text.


i agree!!

i need too autorepeat funktion :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! We will add it to our features request list. But it’ll probably take time till we will get to it.