brazilian portuguese

Can you guys please add Brazilian Portuguese, every time I need to watch an American TV show the only option that I have available is European Portuguese it pisses me off

Hey, thanks for your request.
Are you talking for Netflix ?

We don’t create the subtitles, we only reuse them. If a netflix (or youtube) video only has european portuguese, we can’t do much and can only enhanced this language.

It also pisses me off that some variant of languages are under represented, but can’t really do anything :S

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When I turn off the extension on Netflix the Brazilian subtitles show up, it’s available. You guys should take a look, it is easy to fix that. The extension gives us two options: the primary subtitles where Brazilian Portuguese shows up and the secondary subtitles where only European Portuguese is available. In other extensions Brazilian Portuguese it’s available as a secondary one

Ok, can you send me a link of a video that has both and that you know the bug is present ? Thanks !

here only european portuguese is avaiable

here brazilian portuguese show up. Brazilian Portuguese should be available here in: translation language, not only above in Netflix subtitle language.
please fix this,

Hey, I think the problem is only concerning the naming of the portuguese language in the “translation language” dropdown. Indeed, the name is portuguese, but actually it’s brazilian portuguese.

  • For the machine translation (which is not the case here), we also request Brazilian Portuguese only, but name it wrongly as “Portuguese”.

Can you tell me from which country you are watching the show you sent me ? Are you using a VPN ? I connected to brazil with a VPN, then opened your show, but couldn’t find any Portuguese (brazilian or european) subtitle.

Thanks for your help !

I’m in Brazil, I’m Brazilian. I can share my screen with you, you guys can use remote access software like the TeamViewer in the worst-case scenario.

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