Use machine translation as learning language, and hide Netflix original subtitles

I’m a pro user, and I’m having 2 issues with the current system:

I’m watching a series that only has the original subtitles (in this case English), and I’m learning italian. Machine translation is available, so I’m using them to watch the translation in italian. However, I see two things that don’t make sense:

  1. I can’t choose the italian words from the machine translation as words to check or choose to learn. Only the English ones, which are useless since I’m not learning English.
  2. I can’t hide the Netflix subtitles in Enligsh which I don’t need since I’m learning is the machine translation language.

Am I doing something wrong? I checked the search bar and there doesn’t seem to be any topic about this.

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Hi @Victor_Da_Silva,

The tricky part is that the original subtitles need to be in your target language/dubbed in your target language ( in this case, Italian), and the machine translations are aids for you to better understand your target language by being in the language you know most fluently.

The top line of subtitles is the only one meant to be selectable.

If the original language audio is in English and you want to study through Italian, maybe try:

  • Selecting the ASR option: If your show is dubbed into Italian/if in the future you find an Italian audio show that doesn’t have Italian subtitles
  • Downloading/buying a hard copy of the original video and exporting the machine-translated subtitles/getting an Italian SRT file. From there, you can use the Video file tool to upload your video with Italian SRT subtitles and learn from there.
  • Selecting English as the Netflix audio, Italian as the subtitle language, and the translation language as English. However, I have never tried this method, so it might not work.

I am a Korean Language learner who focuses on the content exclusively original in my target language (Korean). However, recently, I messed around with having some Netflix shows dubbed in Korean, and I still have my TL subtitles (for Korean) available to me using that method, too.

The only way I know of to interact with your subtitles the way you want is to have the Italian subtitles selected as the subtitles and the language you understand the most (English?) as the translation language. If it’s unavailable for a given video, you’ll need to select a different video/show with those subtitles/CCs available.

This also means that you should be able to hide the “translations” properly, as you wish, in your second listed issue.

Currently, Language Reactor can only:

I hope this helps!

As workaround maybe it is possible to change fonts? To make original smaller, or at least make the translation Bold? Now it’s oposite and hard to read.