ASR Subtitles working only if Netflix interface is in English

I am fairly sure this is just a naming issue. If anyone else is not able to see the ASR subs, please be aware of this small bug.

It seems that if the Netflix interface is set to anything other than English, the ASR subtitles won’t appear.

As a comparison, I took a screenshot where the “Subtitles” tab is scrolled all the way to the bottom, where it should show all the available ASR subs aside from the one associated with the currently playing audio.

English Interface

German Interface

Thank you in advance for fixing this issue, and for this wonderful tool. There’s suddenly exponentially more efficient immersion to be had thanks to it.

I get the ASR and my Netflix interface is in Korean:

Is this for users that have a language other than English set for their interface (UI) language in Language Reactor?

P.S. I don’t see ASR when I have the subtitles with the black bar collapsed, but I see it when I go into the settings gear (:gear:) of LR on the Netflix bar:

LR Settings button within Netflix bar

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Oh, you’re right, my bad. So the subtitles do show up even if the Netflix UI is not in English, but not when using the quick toggle. I still think this should be looked into, maybe not as a high or medium priority since they’re still accessible.

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I agree!

It’s probably something they just overlooked to get the feature out and working, but still should definitely be addressed.