Couple of small questions/requests

Hi all, been using LLNF for a couple of weeks now and it has been really helpful in most cases so far! I’ve got a couple of question about its use.

  1. How do I switch the subtitles around? As in, showing the translation above the original subtitle.

  2. How do I mark words in the translation? I specifically bought Pro Mode for this function but many titles don’t have subs in their original language on Netflix, so I’m stuck using my own or English. Which kind of makes the marker tool useless in those cases as I’m already proficient in both.

  3. A lot of titles only have machine translations available in my language (Dutch), meaning nobody has yet taken the time to properly translate them. How can I contribute and translate them myself by hand? Is there some sort of qualification test I need to pass?

  4. I doubt this is an available function yet but I’d love the option to only show translations for marked words (or the or the other way around, depending on how you use the marker tool). Hopefully this can get added in the near future!

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Thank you for helping to keep the forum alive. I’m not sure if it’s helpful, but I’m trying to answer you, while you wait for answers from the very busy developers.

It is not possible to move the subtleties around in the LLN such as in Gomplayer. However, it is possible to change the font and size and move subtitles and translations to below the video pane so that it does not overlap the video screen.

  1. You cannot color mark words in the translation. Only words that are part of the original subtitle of the selected Netflix subtitle language are available for tagging.
    To color mark words or look them up in the dictionary, load the subtitle in the language you want to learn.

Due to Netflix license-related geoblocking, some people use VPNs like Nordvpn to access subtiles that are only available from other countries.

  1. LLN can only work with subtitles available in Netflix for the uploaded video.
    You can not load subtiles from places like Subscene and Srtfiles.
    LLN also has no “edit subtitle” function.

  2. There is already a function you can turn on, which colors words that do not belong to the vocabulary that is associated with the level you are at, (1-7). But as you know, it only applies to the original Nettflix subtitles. There is also a function that makes it possible to hide the translated texts and only show them when you press “e”.

Everything is possible, but there are many who have suggestions for changes so they are important to be constructive and convincing.
An exciting further development of Reader is underway, with an upcoming Flachcard module. Maybe you will be able to get feedback for your idea in connection with it. But then it pays to describe exactly what you want and why.
I recommend that you take a look at Reader and give the developers some feedback.

Language Reactor.

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