Dimming/hiding the subs

Hi, I really like the add-on. It makes really easy to use the content in Netflix, however I was wondering if is it possible to dim/blur the subs or hide them with any key-shortcut (for example a japanese movie with japanese subs).
I’m mostly practicing listening now and the subs are nice for a quick check, but distracting if always on. I see myself reading most of the times with the subs been displayed always.

Anyway, thanks again. great addon!

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Great idea. And I would also add that I don’t really find the dimming/blurring to be sufficient, as I can often still make out the blurred words. I would much prefer it if the words were blanked out or removed completely.

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Ok. I’ll add an option to blur source subs too. In this mode, probably the ‘e’ key will first expose subtitles, then expose translations (on second press). And jack up blur a bit, yeah, that needs doing. ETA… two weeks or so. :slight_smile:


That’s my first post here, so let me just say that I’m super grateful for your work. It replaces a lot of tooling that’s otherwise required for language immersion approaches like https://massimmersionapproach.com/. Thanks a million!

As for this thread, I’m seconding the wish for this feature. I actually came here to see if it had maybe already been implemented without documenting the hotkeys in the LLN settings.

In my case I’d only like to show/hide the smaller human/machine translations underneath the large ones. The small ones are usually English which I use to clarify the meaning of the primary ones, which are usually in Japanese.

Currently it’s a bit cumbersome as I have to go to settings, show small ones, check the meaning, then hide them again via the settings. I do this for almost every subtitle.

I don’t recommend cycling through as you’ve suggested because it adds an unnecessary key press when one only wants to show/hide one of the two subtitles. Consider that there’s many different ways people might be using the add-on. A dedicated key for each subtitle type would be great, for example:

e - toggle primary
r - toggle machine translation
t - toggle human translation

Blurring maybe also not necessary if all subtitles can simply be toggled.


If I have understood you correctly, I made the ‘hide translation’ option (in the settings) for your use case. It hides (by bluring) the translations for every subtitle until you press ‘e’, to ‘expose’ them. Did you try it?

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This is a great application I ever used, And just hoping if we can hid the subs completely then it will be better. Because I always can make out the translation subs that makes me focus on my native language and ignore what I wanted to learn language. By the way, the press “e” hotkeys is works for me so just only hope if you can add the function for hiding the subs completely.
Appreciate your time and effort!

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Thank you for the nice extension. However, I’d second that blurring subtitles is not useful because they are still readable. Could you please implement simply hiding them instead? Thank you!

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Hello. The blur is fixed in the newest version of the extension (v3.2.5). It’s coming online in about 24hrs. :slight_smile:

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