Can you add keyboard shortcuts for showing/hiding original / english subtitles?

Hi, I would find it very very useful to have a keyboard shortcut to show/hide the main subtitle (original/the one chose in netflix - the upper line), and then another shortcut to show/hide the english subs (the bottom line - english one).

I normally watch everything without subs to practice listening not reading, but if i struggle with parts id like to be able to quickly turn the subs on, after checking what it a given sentence means i quickly hide them - with a shortcut.

But if just listening is too difficult for a given show for me, i watch with only original subtitles (with english hidden, so i don’t cheat), and only when i struggle with some parts i quickly show the english translation for a bit, then hide it. - Kind off like the current option to blur out the bottom line, but instead of bluring hiding it completely - btw. since the last update the [e] shortcut to unblur them stopped working.



Hey, yup, I’ll do this very soon… right now I’m looking into a youtube subs loading bug, and another issue… then I was going to continue with transliterations code (including pinyin)… but maybe I’ll do this first, as it’s quite quick (2-4hrs) and satisfying. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yaaay! Exciting, thanks so much David!

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Ok, done, LLN and LLY code going live now (might need to wait till tomorrow for cache to update… I changed that to 3hrs so will be faster in the future).

‘Hide translations’ works like the old setting, and now there’s ‘Hide both’ (gonna need to figure out some better labels).


Hit ‘e’ once or hover on primary subs:


Hit ‘e’ again or hover on translation(s):


Let me know if it meets your needs, I can modify further. :slight_smile:


With this setup, it’s not possible to unblur only translation (and not primary subs), but I’m not sure that’s an important use case. Dunno, try it and see. :slight_smile:

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Oh my god, this is amazing! Will test it out and report back once it updates. Thank you David!


Chrome web store hasn’t updated yet, reinstalled the extension and the version is still
4.0.0, ill check again later.


We can most of the code now without going through webstore (thankfully…), you won’t see the version bump from 4.0.0. New function will just appear and start to work. :slight_smile:

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Ok, the extension has updated now, the new feture is available, it works! Thanks a lot!

Hmmm… what i had in mind was adding a shortcut that will turn the subtitles (the upper ones) on/off permantently, and also another shortcut one that will show/hide the translation (the bottom line) permanently, not just show the current line with [e] or with mouseover as currently.

So lets say:
If i press the shortcut for the top subtitle, from now on it will always be on, if i press it again it will always be off.
If i press the shortcut for the bottom (translation) subtitle, from now on it will always be on, if i press it again it will always be off.

And ideally with them being off by default at the start, so i don’t have to turn them off at the start of every show, as its annoying like reselecting the audio/subs lang every time, as my netflix resets it for me back to original (im currently learning russian, but there are very few native russian shows on there, so i watch the western ones with dubbing, which i find much better/easier/clearer for beginners than if russian was the original).

So how it works for me in practice is: i watch a show all in russian, with all the subs off constantly, when i come across an important and a tricky bit which i don’t get, i put the subs on for a few minutes, not just one line, keep them on till the important part finishes, then i turn the subs off and keep them off.

If hiding them completely is not possible, maybe we could increase the blur/make it more transparent, as its a bit distracting to have long lines there.

I wrote a js snippet to show/hide the subs permanently. But i was able to do it only for the whole / both subtitles at once. I failed to have one just for the top subtitle and the bottom subtitle each.

------- css --------------
#lln-subs-content {display: none; } /* to have them off initially */

------- js --------------

var mySubCounter = 0;

function doc_keyUp(e) {
    if ( e.keyCode == 84) {  // T  
document.addEventListener('keyup', doc_keyUp, false);

function bsToggleSubs(){
	if ( mySubCounter == 1){
		document.getElementById("lln-subs-content").style.display = "none";
		// for my UI // document.getElementById('myTogSub').innerHTML = "Sub: HIDE";
		mySubCounter = 0;
	} else {
		document.getElementById("lln-subs-content").style.display = "block";
		// for my UI // document.getElementById('myTogSub').innerHTML = "Sub: SHOW";
		mySubCounter = 1;

And I tried the same for the (bottom) translation subtitle on these html elements but they all seam to be removed/readded every new subtitle so they don’t hold my display status :confused:


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Hey, this should work for now:

let getFontSizeGradient = function(minFontSize, maxFontSize, minWrapWidth, maxWrapWidth) {
let $subsWrap = $('.lln-subs-wrap');
if ($subsWrap.length) {
    let wrapWidth = $subsWrap.width();
    let size = (wrapWidth - minWrapWidth) * (maxFontSize - minFontSize) / (maxWrapWidth - minWrapWidth) + minFontSize;
    size = Math.min(Math.max(minFontSize, size), maxFontSize);
    return size;
} else {
    return 18; // never used

document.addEventListener('keyup', function doc_keyUp(e) {
if ( e.keyCode == 84) {  // T  
    let elem_main_subs = document.getElementById("lln-subs-content");

    if ( === "" ) { = "none";
    } else { = "";
        let fontSize = getFontSizeGradient(20, 47, 600, 1920);
        $('.lln-subs-wrap').css({'font-size': fontSize + 'px'});
}, false);

Try it for a week or so, then we can look at the problem again. I could add this with the ‘c’ key, just, I’m concerned about making too many options for the user.

edit: bugfix :slight_smile:

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Regarding default lang, I’ll think.

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Hey, your code seams to work as well as mine, thanks! Not sure how to have the subs hidden to start off, with yours though.

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Ah, sorry, I misread what you wrote. Yes, the innerHTML of div with id ‘lln-subs-content’ is replaced every times the subs change. Ok, I’ll think.

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Hahaha, i think we’re having some communication issues here!:sweat_smile:

To make it clear, both my and your codes work perfectly, they hide/show both subtitles at the same time!

What i was looking to do is to split it into two parts:

  1. One that would hide/show only the TOP sub
  2. One that would hide/show only to BOTTOM sub

Also important to have them both hidden to start off.

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Hey, so I’m now firing a jQuery event at the end of the function that ‘draws’ the bottom panel, you listen for it and modify the subs and translations as you like.

I can also add a mechanism to store a ‘user’ scipt and execute it on startup, let me think that through a little.

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I added the keyboard shortcut but I don’t know whether this is the reason or not, after that the error m7111-5059 occurred and I couldn’t fix that. What should I do?

Sorry, would you be able to show an example of how to listen for that ‘draw’ event please?

Sorry, can you think of any reason why this is not doing anything?

$(document).bind('lln_bottomPanelDrawComplete', function(e){

Hi David, is it possible for you to add an option that allows me to press the “e” key to display the translation and hide it again when I press “e” for the second time? Currently, the available option requires me to press “e” for every sentence, which is not very convenient. Thank you.

I’m not sure what the development state for adding this functionality is since I noticed it in the TODO list under DONE but it apparently hasn’t been added yet.

Anyways, I also wanted this functionality so I created a tampermonkey script to toggle the translations using the T key.

Credit to David_wilikinson and Blearner for their code. I have never written any javascript before so feel free to modify/use as you wish.