It would be much more helpful if there's

an toggle option for showing subtitles over video screen or letterbox downside (current)

I know a separate letterbox is for some focusing perspective.

But some might still prefer subtitles on the video screen since it resize the video much smaller.

Also an option to adjust letter box size along with font size will be nice (letter box size is a bit unnecessarily larger than the subs size I feel especially when it’s very small font)

Thank you for your good work!

I believe this feature already exists, I turned it on by accident at some point.

I later worked out that the down arrow in the bottom right corner hides the bottom panel and moves the subtitles over the video (assuming the video window is wide enough).

You’ll lose the highlighting of which half of the other subtitle is currently on screen if they don’t match, otherwise it’s all the same.

Perhaps there should also be check boxes for show/hide side panel and bottom panel in the main settings dialog box so this is clearer?

That’s right. Thanks for suggestion, we will add these in the next version.

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I can attest this function is a little hard to find, I only figured out we could do this when looking at a screenshot in this forum.

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