Request for quality of life features / shortcuts for MORE advanced learners.


Love your work and use it every day!

As my language skills are improving Im starting to feel the app is now lacking some important features for more advanced users.

----- Toggle showing / hiding the main subtitles ------

Would you be able to add a shortcut that would toggle permanent showing/hiding of the main (top / target lang) subtitles please? So when it is pressed it would keep them hidden throughout different lines untill it is switched back on.

When you watch something with subtitles, you mostly practice reading, not listening! Therefore its the best to have the subs off and have them shown only when we don’t fully understand something and want to check it, sadly there is no easy way to quickly do it. Showing/hiding the main subtitle is super tedious now.

----- Toggle showing / hiding the secondary subtitles -------

Similar as above, can you add another shortcut that would toggle permanent showing/hiding of the secondary (bottom/english) subtitles so it stays hidden/shown until its toggled again?

Normally we want to have the secondary subs always hidden/blurred, but when there is a difficult part we want to keep the secondary sub ON, but having to keep pressing E for every line when the difficult section is long, is very tedious.

You could make the above two options work together so:
when the primary sub is hidden = secondary is hidden too
And when the primary sub is shown, the secondary sub will go to the previous state (if it was hidden it will be hidden).

----- Options to Speedup and Skip when there is no subs/dialogue ------

I try to watch shows with audio description (which is genious as it fills up the silence and also gives you a description of what is shown which is perfect for learning languages). HOWEVER when there is no audio description and the show is particularly slow it is very unproductive in terms of language learning.

Could you add options to speed up (independently of the current speed option/ a multiplier) AND to skip parts of the video where there is no subs? (maybe with little padding after the last and the next sub to avoid pottential cutting of the dialogue).

----- Show subs when the video is paused ---------------
(inspired by another netflix plugin)

when the subs are hidden and the video is paused (space or mouse click) the subtitles are shown, and when the video is resument the display of the subs will change to the previous state.

We pause the video whilst watching mostly to look up the subs.

----- Remove unpausing the vid when using left/right arrows -----------

For some reason when the video is paused and you want to rewind using the arrow keys it unpauses the video, i often do it to review something i missed, but i pasued the video in order so i can do it at my own pace. Can you make it so the video stays paused?

----- “Listen THEN read” mode ------------------
(inspired by another netflix plugin)

A mode in which each line would first be shown without subtitles, then at the end of the line the subtitle would be shown and the vid would be paused. This would give us an option to first listen (practice listening) and then check if we heard it correctly.

Thanks so much!