Any way to blur the subtitles AND translations?

I like using this extension when I’m working on intensive listening, my only issue is I want to have the ability to blur and unblur the subtitles AND translations as I’m watching a show. I tried turning of the main subtitles, but then the problem I ran into is that I could no longer loop lines of dialogue. I’m trying to train my ear, and having the subtitles in the original language in front of me makes me occasionally “cheat” and read instead of listening. I want to be able to press a single button to see all the translations and the subtitles at once when I can’t piece together what is being said through my ears alone.

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I’m also interested in this feature. I am learning French and my level is high enough that I can listen to most dialogue without the subtitles. I would like to hide the subtitles and translation and then be able to show them when necessary. Is this possible?

Doesn’t seem like it at the moment, but it’s a priority according to their app updates roadmap. I’ll renew my pro subscription after they have that feature included. The subtitles are too damn distracting right now and get in the way of what I need to work on.

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This is at the top of my wish list. I would like to be able to toggle audio only, audio w/subs, and audio/subs/translations.

Hey, this will be added very shortly. The implementation I’m thinking of is an additional mode that hides both primary subs and translations. It will work similar to current ‘hide translation’ mode. The first time you hit ‘e’ key, primary subs are revealed. Second time, translations are revealed too.