[Feature Request] Hide original subtitle but show translation

This seems like a low-hanging fruit, since all the mechanics are already there.

Currently, we get to choose to
(0) don’t hide
(1) hide (blur) translations
(2) hide (blur) both subtitles and translations

Is it possible we get a 3rd option to hide (blur) only the original subtitle but leave the translations?

Or at the very least, when mode (2) is triggered, allow us to reveal only the translation when we mouse over? Currently, mouse-overing hidden (blurred) translations reveals everything.

The reason I’m asking for this is that I’m watching certain particular video multiple times, and memorizing the dialogue. At the most, I only want the translations to serve as a hint. If the original subtitles show, I’m basically reading off it, which does nothing for my memory recall.

Looking forward to hear favorably about this!