Hide/blur translation in "Video File" playback mode


I really like the feature of hiding subtitles on netflix by blurring them. I was hoping that this option to blur the translation could become available in the beta “Video File” feature where you can play your own mp4+subtitle.

Additionally - I would like it if there was an option to use your own translation file rather than using machine translation in the “Video File” feature, if I have an .srt in both English and my target language.

Thank you,
Will Timkey

Thank you

I hope this option will be available soon!
I really miss this simple functionality!

Btw it’s not difficult to hide the translation under the video in “Video File” mode.

  1. Install User CSS extension for Google Chrome from here: User CSS
  2. Open Language Reactor
  3. Click icon {CSS} for open User CSS extension bar and add CSS code:
/* switch off translation under video */
  display: none;
  1. Click icon {CSS} again for close User CSS extension bar.
  2. Reload html page. (Ctrl+F5)
  3. Look at CSS extension icon (it mast be green).
  4. Open your video and subtitles.
  5. That’s all. Now you can hide or show the translation under the video use toggle on top User CSS extension bar. You can hide User CSS extension bar but it will be working.

I actually do use a script at the moment to hide the subtitles. However as you probably know it’s not quite the same. I really like being able to just hover over the translation. I could try to write a more involved script but ideally they will add this feature before I have to do that!

You can use this CSS code to show translation while mouse above the sentence:

/* switch off translation under video */
  display: none;
/* show translation while mouse above the sentence */
  display: block;