Turn Off Dual Subtitles

Hi, is there a way to turn off dual subtitles? As in, I do not want the secondary subtitle in my native language but do want to keep the option to mouse over words in the subtitles in the original language, in order to view translations of words I don’t know or am stuck on.

I don’t want native-language subtitles, just the option to use the extension to consult for words when I need it. Otherwise, the extension is actually hampering language learning and the design is counterproductive since you shouldn’t be staring at a native language translation while trying to immerse yourself in a language.


Hi, there is an option to hide (blur) translations:

Thank you very much! I guess it only blurs them? That’s weird, but nevertheless useful. Hope they come up with a version where you can just view the original language with a mouseover option eventually.

Hi, I have some confusing about UI, because often true subtitles covered LR subtitles

Hm, do you have any other extensions installed? Please try disabling them all just to see if any causes subtitles overlap issue.

How can I hide translation under the video in the “Video File” mode?
I really miss this function, especially if I’m learning a language with a file that has a copyright restriction on YouTube. And I can’t upload this file to youtube to practice.