Dumb question, can I remove the English subtitles and only display target language?

I know this is dumb, but I’ve just downloaded this extension and I’ve tried noodling with it for 30 minutes and can’t figure it out. :frowning:

I’m learning Korean and can watch comfortably without needing English subs to help. I just want this extension so I can hover over a word and have the mini-dictionary pop up for hard words.
Having the English underneath is distracting and frankly not helpful because it’s using the script from the English dub of the cartoon, so it doesn’t match at all with the Korean script. What buttons do I have to press/toggle to have only Korean subs displaying?

Thanks for the help ahead of time! And Happy New Year!

You worked out that you can click ‘hide english translations’ right? It’s in the settings and think things are working better now