Sound first, then subtitle

Is there a way to hide the target language subtitle, just like the english translation below it, so that I am forced to try to listen before I spoil it by reading the subtitle?

My optimal flow would be like this:

  1. Audio ONLY (to practice listening)
  2. Audio + video (to listen but get some more context)
  3. Hover to reveal target language subtitle
  4. Hover to reveal english translation subtitle

Is this possible? At the very least the subtitle hiding would be nice.


Bump, really no way to do this?

Solved it myself with a userscript:

.lln-subs { -webkit-filter: blur(10px); }
.lln-subs:hover { -webkit-filter: blur(0px); }

Really useful to figure out if you hear things correctly without being ‘spoiled’ by the subtitles.