Selecting subtitles

Is it possible to select part or all of the subtitles without displaying a dictionary definition and audio reading?

In previous versions of this extension this was possible, I have tried using previous versions but recently they have stopped working.

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I too have noticed this.

Selecting subtitle text works in the sidebar transcript/subtitle list, if that’s any help? That’s what I’ve been using for copying text.

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I have been using this but I find it is very distracting when I watch so I hide and show it as I go.

I think it would be helpful to have an option press a button or keyboard shortcut in the LLN interface to switch the main subtitles into selection mode - this would also ideally allow extensions like Zhongwen to recogise the text - it currently doesn’t even work with the sidebar.

This possibly isn’t so important in all languages, but being able to use third party extensions to quickly check the pinyin (pronounciation and tones) for the characters in the subtitles would really help Chinese learning.


Along these lines, with Japanese subtitles I find with how words are spilt up it often times will incorrectly group characters as words. So it would be nice to have the option to drag over an arbitrary section of the subtitles that you could enable/disable and set to either 1. ) pop-up dictionary, 2. ) copy to clipboard


Having the same problem here, P_Punch: