Can't select sidebar subtitles anymore

I used to be able to copy and paste from the right-pane subtitles, as I often prefer to create my own special lists of phrases or whole sentences, as I study the video, in addition to using the normal flash card and export mechanisms. It appears I can’t do this anymore, as after making a drag selection, it clears the selection, so I can’t copy. If I try to copy from the saved phrases on the website, I get the Romanization and Japanese separated into one line for each word. I am a subscriber. If this was intentional, this really diminishes the convenience of the tool in my opinion. If you can’t re-enable the select/copy, please add a copy button for each sentence.
Video: 215 後悔(regret)したときの言い方3つ!日本語文法 #japanesepodcast - YouTube
Countrty: USA
Languages: Japanese, with English machine translation.