Toggle subtitles off without blur until next toggle

Hello and sorry to bother with this minor suggestion, but coming from years of language learning using video players on desktop, I personally find the blur and the fact that it comes back on the next line a bit distracting and unusual. Not to mention that if you look hard enough, you can kind of “cheat” and see the subs still.

There doesn’t seem to be any setting for hiding the subs completely or for keeping the toggle (on or off) the same past the current line as far as I know, so would somebody maybe consider adding that ? If it can’t be done with how Netflix is designed, that’s a bit of a bummer, but I wanted to ask if it was possible.

Thanks and keep doing God’s work
Adrian (a.k.a. just a language nerd who likes movies)


I would like to see this too. It’s been made less opaque since I brought this up last year but its still annoying. I don’t want the translation to take up space or break my immersion with the content unless I toggle it on for that phrase.