I can no longer select ASR captions.

My Italian ASR option on Netflix says “Pro” next to it, which I do not have, and I cannot select the ASR caption at all. Are ASR captions only available with the Pro mode now? Did I have a free trial earlier? I don’t recall starting a free trial. If the machine translation is only available in the Pro version, what is the free version good for?

Not sure if this is a bug or not…

Hi @Copperhead,

When you first start with LR, you are automatically enrolled in a free trial for a period of time to try out all the features.

After that first period ends, you’re subscription moves to a basic membership and things like machine, translations, ability to save items, and ASR subtitles are Pro features.

It’s been a while since I was on the free plan, but using the dual subtitles and the full dictionary is great with videos (on YouTube and Netflix) that have both your target language and your native/most fluent language subtitles available.

The basics of PhrasePump also work (just without the machine translations, I’m guessing).

It’s not a bug. You have to be a Pro member to use ASR as it’s expensive for the devs to use.

I hope some of this clears up some of the confusion.

Oh wow, thank you for the quick response. I guess my main issue right now is that my current show doesn’t have closed captions for Italian, so the subtitles don’t match up with the italian dub. I guess I can try to find a use for the software still, but its main purpose being inaccessible to me at the moment sure is unfortunate.

Thanks again.

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