Transcribing/Community subs


Thanks for making this awesome extension! I love it a lot.
I have a suggestion. In the language I’m studying (Arabic), accurate subtitles are often not available. Luckily, LLN (and LLY!) is still a great help in those cases, because it makes it super easy to replay the line until I’m pretty confident that I can make out all words. Right now, I’m transcribing along in a text editor for lines I’m having difficulty with. But maybe a transcribing option could be added to LLN itself?
A transcribing feature could also be used to help out other users, if you can share your transcriptions with the community. Perhaps in the app itself (you can select “show community subtitles” and people can review the accuracy with an up-voting system?)? Not sure how hard/easy that would be implement though.

Anyway, please keep up your great work and I hope you’ll find my suggestion useful!

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That feature would be awesome.

Hi. You are probably referring to the shows that are not originally in Arabic. In these cases, subs usually don’t match dubs audio, and that’s why at the moment we recommend using shows in original language for LLN. We have a plan to expand this though in the near future.