ASR support for youtube

Hi guys,

Just tried ASR on Netflix for the Syrian Arabic dialect – it is so awesome! While it doesn’t work too well for some original Arabic films where the dialect is too non-standard (I tried Haifa Street and the subtitles were wrong a lot of times), it works very decent with films and series which were dubbed into Syrian Arabic (I found that many Turkish series and films have dubs in Syrian Arabic, like The Club, Ethos, Shahmaran and many others). Such a great asset for learners of a dialect, where subtitled materials are very hard to find. Thank you!

Are there plans to add the ASR feature for the youtube plug-in? There are very few videos on youtube which have subtitles in a dialect (and not Modern Standard Arabic), so it would be a huge help for learners.


i hope they add that

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I learn Ukrainian and second that ASR for youtube would be a game changer. So much content on there that is not on netlfix!! thanks for requesting this too :))

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ASR support for videos imported to language reactor would be great too!