Dub Subtitles?

Hi everyone!

I’m having a really wonderful time using this app, I think it’s completely changed how I learn language. The only problem I’m having is that I am beginning to run out of content in my target language (French) that interests me. There are a lot of French dubbed programs that I am interested in, but I question if I am at a level to understand most of what they are saying without the subtitles. Does anyone know of any other extensions for Netflix that will auto-generate subtitles based on speech recognition that I can use in tandem with LLN? Alternatively, I own a lot of movies and shows with French audio tracks, but I can’t seem to find matching subtitles for the dubs on the subtitle databases I have checked. Does anyone know of any online databases that provide matching subtitles for dubs? I think this would be extraordinarily useful for me.


Hi, not a direct answer, but check out Language Learning for Youtube… lots of French content on Youtube: