New Feature: Speech Recognition on Netflix ("Subs for Dubs") 😮

Rolling this out shortly, please stand by.


This feature has been on the todo list since the first release of LLN. You can watch your favorite programs on Netflix with the dubbed audio, and the subtitles will match!

It’s technically feasible this year due to recent developments (OpenAI’s Whisper ASR model, fast inference libraries and a few in-house GPU servers - audio data is not sent to third party APIs).

How to use it? If you are a Pro user, select the ASR track in the Netflix playback menu, or the LR extension settings. If you are a free user and want to try the feature, you can open ‘Money Heist’ (

How well does it work? Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian should work exceptionally well, and the next 11 languages are likely ‘pretty decent’.

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Leave a comment. We’ll be using ASR for some other features too (upload audiobook probably soon).


Okay, there were some last min kinks, but it’s online, putting it live right now. :slight_smile:


We got some hardware issues, will keep an eye on it.

EDIT: woke up, looks like the plx chips overheated… uff. It’s running again now but only on half the GPUs, it’ll be slower to load subs.


Issue with some newer movie audio formats… fixing…

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Was offline for a few hours due to a networking problem… fixed now.


Kind of related and complementary, we’re redoing the catalogue pages. The Netflix page will include option to show movies that work with ASR, and also we’ll score everything using vocabulary frequency analysis.


Sorry if ASR has been unstable this week, I’ve been actively working on improving stability, will make a couple of other improvements too.