How can I display the original voice track subtitle on the screen?

Hi, I am learning Korean and although I selected Korean subtitles, they don’t match the original spoken sentences. However, I can confirm that the English translation is accurate, as I can understand some Korean already.

Does anyone know how to display the original voice track on the screen along with its translation?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Karina_Souza,

To get the original subtitle track, you would make sure that “…Subtitle Language” is set to Korean [CC] (for “closed captions” as opposed to “Korean.” The “Korean” version will often not match what you hear exactly). This can be found by hitting the “gear”/settings icon for “LR” on your video.

From there, it should match, but if it doesn’t, then it’s the fault of Netflix/Youtube as Language Reactor only pulls from existing/available subtitles on that specific video, in your specific region, on that specific platform.

I hope this helps!

P.S. Reason behind selecting CC vs simply Korean:

Closed captions are created to allow deaf and hard-of-hearing people to experience the video, so they include background sounds and speaker changes. Subtitles assume the viewer hears the audio and, as a result, do not contain the background sounds or notifications for speaker changes. [I also think this is why these subtitles often don’t include exactly what is being said (a.k.a. match the original spoken sentences).]

Additional Note: Lots of additional nuances I’m learning about CCs/Subtitles (ex. captions vs. subtitles ), so I thought I would drop this resource (as a reply to my original comment) that explains it well: Subtitles vs captions: A quick guide to video transcription

I just thought to mention that the new ASR feature for LR pro users can help get more accurate subtitles (matched the audio), but it’s not perfect:

I’ve also noticed that this feature can also help in the cases where the subtitles/CCs don’t include text from burned-in/hard-coded/open captions like in some reality/variety shows. Or shows with text on the screen that doesn’t make it into the subtitles—if the text is spoken in the audio and “picked up” by the ASR tool.

Note: Currently, only available for Netflix with LR.

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