Different subtitles on side and bottom on Netflix

I am using the extension with Netflix to watch “Dark” (native: English, target: German). The subtitles on the right are accurate to what is said in the show. However, the subtitles on the bottom are different and inaccurate to what is said on the show. The English translations appear to be fine. I’m guessing this behavior is due to some kind of setting, but I don’t know what to do to change it. I want the correct subtitles on both the side and bottom.

Thanks for y’all’s help.

Hi @mrbros35,

Can you include a screenshot of your settings?

I haven’t seen/noticed this before, but maybe a screenshot would help.


An app reinstall seems to fix the parity issue. However, the captions are still wrong sometimes. However, I turned LR off and the captions were still wrong on Netflix, which seems to be their problem (which is weird because it says [CC].) Sorry for bothering you, and thanks for your help.

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No worries, @mrbros35 !

I am glad it’s working again for you! :smiley:

Also, yes, it’s so frustrating when the source video’s subtitles don’t match exactly what is being said. Yeah, pretty strange that it says CC and still doesn’t match (usually, that’s a bit better).

I find the translations in my native language to be off from the CC in my target language—even on Netflix—which annoys me, too, so I get it. But, I think I am finding that has more to do with the target audience (Netflix’s Target Audience) more than inaccurate subs:

  • Target Language CC is for the Hard of Hearing/deaf
  • Subs (non[CC]) for those that need to get the gist of what is being said/can hear

So, it makes sense that they don’t match up. Still, annoying :sweat_smile: