Small fix when showing both netflix and language reactor subtitles

I don’t know if this is happening to you too but, after this last update, I get the subtitles from both language reactor and netflix itself and if I turn off the subtitles on netflix, it will turn off on language reactor too.
Here is what I mean:

What I managed to do, as a temporary fix, is to download any chrome extension that changes page CSS (like Stylebot, for example), and I hid the netflix subtitles with this piece of code:

.image-based-subtitles svg image {
  display: none;

If there is a way to do this within language reacter please tell me!

Delete all this code when everything is back to normal!


Experiencing the same problem of both Netflix subtitles (on screen) and LR subtitles (beneath) being displayed. This started on 8th Sept. Also, I am unable to see the LR subtitles when in full screen.


You’re a champion, this works great for me :slight_smile:

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