[Fullscreen FIX] Temporary mimic of fullscreen

So, I found a way to mimic the fullscreen effect and still get the subtitles from language reactor.
It is just some changes in the style source code of the page.
The final result is this:

As you can see it is not true fullscreen, but it does the job until the devs fix it.

To achieve this you need to download a chrome extension to change page CSS (like Stylebot for example), and then apply this code to the netflix page:

.lln-bottom-panel #lln-main-subs {
  background-color: unset;

.ltr-op8orf video {
  width: 100%;

.watch-video {
  height: 100%;

.lln-subs, .translationText {
  filter: drop-shadow(0px 2px 1px black);

.translationText {
  color: white;

.translationText span {
  -webkit-text-fill-color: white;

It is probably going to be buggy, I haven’t tested it that much yet. But for me, it does seem to work fine.

If you are seeing two sets of subtitles (subtitles from Netflix and from Language Reactor), add this piece of code to the code above:

.image-based-subtitles svg image {
  display: none;

So, I just realized that the video control buttons become unclickable (pause, progress bar, etc…) because the subtitles from Language Reactor overlap it. I will see if I can fix it. Still, it is not that bad of a compromise, you can just use the shortcut keys (like, spacebar to pause the video, etc)

Delete all this code when everything is back to normal!


I have also realized that if you click F11 the browser will go fullscreen, and it makes it almost perfect


#lln-bottom-panel {
  pointer-events: none;

will make buttons clickable, but sill weird.

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It totally worked, thank you!

Thank you so much @digas99 works for me!

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Amazing, I’m glad it works!

How can I apply that code to the netflix page?

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I use this chrome extension called Stylebot. There are more that do the same thing, but I know that this one works just fine.
When you install it, click on it, while at netflix.com, like this:

Then click in Open Stylebot in that menu that pops up, and a side panel will open:

You then paste any code you want in that side panel and it should work right away (if not, reload the page).

If for some reason the side panel doesn’t open, you can click in Options in the same place you clicked Open Stylebot, and go to Styles:

There click Add a new style…, enter the url (netflix.com), put all the code below it, and hit save.

Again, there are other extensions that do the same job, I just happen to use this one.