Subtitles are now fixed in the bottom area of the video

Subtitles are not visible in full screen mode.Subtitles cannot be embedded in the netfflix video as they used to be.Subtitles are now fixed in the bottom area of the video


Same issue here. Any solution?

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Yes. The same issue. I don’t like this update on Netflix, as it just makes the viewing section smaller. I prefer the old version of subs on Netflix. Could anyone fix this?


Wow, they fixed it real fast, mad props. Yes, not as good as before, but good enough for me. Thank you so much devs for being so quick and being so responsive, we really really appreciate you, this tool is amazing!

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It really works again, wonderful!

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How did you get rid of it and put subtitle back into the screen instead of the bottom bar? I still have it.


Until the moment of posting the problem still exists. Don’t be misled by the people above who say the problem has been solved.


I mean… why would they lie?

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I mean, the thing is, Netflix changed is UI interface, to the point, initially, the extension completely didn’t work. As in there was ZERO function. At least for me.
Now they got it partially working again, with some features still not back in. And they got this partial functioning pretty quickly, so I am grateful. Hopefully, they will have time to tinker with it more.

yes, same situation here, tried several times to let the subtitle into the video, but failed.

Same issue. Subtitles only visible beneath video and can’t be seen when in full screen.

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Same issue, the option " show subtitles below video" always on

Same issue here! Normally i could able/disable this mode with the option “show subtitles below video”, but it doesnt work anymore. It is nice to know that it is not happenning only to me. I hope they fix it

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me too
when I go to full screen, the subtitle disappeared. It is really annoying


Samee please fix it, there is no point if we can’t watch in full screen.

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same issue… please fix it !

Does anyone know how to get the older version of Netflix?

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What happened? Just yesterday it was working just fine.
How to get rid of that bar and show the subs in the video as before? Is there a solution? helppp

Subtitles below the video. it’s really annoying, it worked fine yesterday.

Same issue. I hope they fix it. Pleasee… Otherwise i wont be using this app.