Please put the subtitles on the videos

Hey, please fix this problem. I can’t enjoy my movie on Netflix because of subtitles on the bottom of screen. Can dev fix it and move it into the video please. Yesterday, it worked perfectly


Same here. Please fix it soon. Thanks


Agreed. I just downloaded LR to replace the LLY extension and the inability to view the subtitles on screen makes it quite difficult to watch and enjoy. I cannot put the video in full-screen and use subtitles with the extension.

Hope you guys can work on it when you can. Thanks!

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Exactly!! Thanks God I am not the only one who found this change bothering and annoying.
Please fix it!! I used to enjoy using Language Reactor.


Same problem, please fix it
Thanks !

I just came back from struggling and fighting with the settings on LR on Netflix thinking I had maybe done something wrong in the settings.

Please please please put the subtitles back on the video itself :((

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