SOLVED! Problems with subtitles below the screen

Yes, at least for me it is working again.

Just click on Language Reactor Settings and disable the option “Show subtitles below the video”.

I hope it works wor everyone.!

P.d- i dont know why the screenshots are black, it should show images from a documentary. Anyway, i hope it works for you.

Yep, It’s working again but at full screen I can’t see sidebar. I hope they fix this. Thank to the devs :slight_smile:

This is still not working for me. I had untoggled that option last night and playing around with it again, I still have the same issue. In full-screen mode it doesn’t have any of the subtitles on the screen.

This is in full-screen after disabling the option “Show subtitles below the video”:

screenshots are blacks may be copyright (Screenshotting DRM protected ), software can not capture image from the movie.