extension doesn't work on netflix

So I just added the extension on chrome and it works fine on YouTube, but it doesn’t on Netflix. the only thing that works is that “Language Reactor catalogue” tab that appears when I launch Netflix, do you guys know how I can fix this? thanks


Hi, same issue, the extension works perfectly on yt but I now seem to have lost compatibility with Netflix, do you know how this fix this?


Same here, the current version no longer works. Netflix replies with an error code M7111.


Same here. It likely has something to do with Netflix’s overhaul of their UI. My guess is we just have to be patient until they tweak a few things for the extension to work on the brand new UI.


It was working for me like 4/5 hours ago, and now it doesn’t work anymore


Same problem :frowning: I hope they wil be able to fix it soon becasue i dont like watching netflix without learning words anymore haha


Same here. Nothing on Netflix works. Youtube is fine. I have also noticed that the choice of subtitles on Netflix has changed. A lot of films seem to have lost the ability to choose subtitles in the original language.


same problem :confused: i hope they will fix it soon


Same problem. Tests disabled. :frowning:

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same problem doesn t work on netflix

Replying to my own post to say that I’ve checked Netflix on my Firestick app and also on Opera and Safari. On all three the subtitles are working as normal, ie you can get CC subtitles in the original audio language. So it’s something with Netflix on Chrome.

Same problem! Thank god i’m not the only one experiencing this, i was scared i broke something haha

Same problem, i use chrome and now just see the original UI and the key to turn on langauge reactor cannot be found

same here. Just netflix running, no “LR” icon key, no side panel, etc

same question! please update extension!!!

I really hope they can fix it soon

Working for me again in Netflix. ^^;;;;;;;;

yay! thank you for the update, it’s really working!!

Yeah, same here. Glad to see it’s working fine now. All the old features are back. Excellent.

Work again, but the previous version have the transparency subtitle background so can enjoy full screen, but now only have a fixed black background